Normalize Men getting Wax

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To all the MEN in the place with style and grace…. I know you are thinking the lyrics say “LADIES”  I know, I know! However, today we are talking about the men. To all the men out there how many razors do you purchase?  More than you can count huh. Are you getting beyond frustrated of shaving and the hair growing back in two days! I know you have told yourself it has  to be a better way to get rid of this unwanted hair.


So catch this, summer time is approaching and you have been building that perfect summer body all winter. Your abs are rock and you are ready to show off your body. You walk in the bathroom look in the mirror and notice you have missed a whole patch of hair on your back. How in the world are you going to get of that small patch of hair? You have no idea so you just leave it and hope no one notices it. That has to be annoying. Check this out as well, you want to manscape and the hair comes back in two days super annoying right! If this sounds like you, keep reading bruh, bro, and broham. I have the solution for you, it’s called waxing, yup waxing.


So, you mean to tell me men get waxed too? Yes, yes they do. More men have been getting waxed lately. Men also enjoy personal care and taking care of their skin and body. Straight and gay men get waxed and its nothing new. Most people want to make sure they tame and or manage their hair. What areas do men get waxed? Everywhere!! That’s right, everywhere hair grows.


Most men get their back, chest, nose, legs, and brows wax but did you know they also get Brozilians! What is a Brozilian? Well I am glad you asked. A Brozilian is a Brazilian for men and is the process of  removing hair from the pubic and rear area. Most Estheticians are sometimes very skeptical of providing this service to men. Which sometimes make it less common in some areas. However, I do offer this service and maintain 100 percent professionalism as I do with all my women clients. Our job as an Esthetician when waxing is to remove all the hair and create a judgement free zone. Let’s talk about preparing for your Brozilian wax and frequently asked questions.



  1. Stop shaving: You must allow your hair to grow out. I recommend allowing 3-4 weeks hair growth. You need at least ¾ inches of hair growth. This will allow the wax to adhere to the hair and pull from the hair follicle.
  2. Do not trim: There is no need trim. As stated above the hair must be long enough for the wax to pull it up. Don’t be embarrass of that bush.
  3. Do not use numbing cream: When you come in for your wax we start with prepping the skin for waxing. This means that we will remove any oils and cream from the area.
  4. Breathe and relax: Stay as calm and relax as possible it will be over before you know it. Oh yeah…you will never go back to shaving again! You will be happy you did it!




  • Will it hurt? Your first time is always a unique experience, because you never know what to expect. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but it’s definitely worth it. Just go for it Bro!


  • How long will it last? Your Brozilian wax will last 4 weeks with proper at home care. And being consistent. To see the best results make sure you are getting waxed every 4 weeks.


  • Waxing vs Shaving: Are you annoyed and frustrated with missing spots on your back and Brozilian. Waxing last longer than shaving, helps with hyperpigmentation, helps to decrease ingrown hairs and decrease hair growth.

Well bro are you ready for your wax? If you still have more questions about waxing stay up to date with our blog post. I spill all the tea and inside questions that you may have.



Antoinette Wells, Licensed Esthetician