My First Wax

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Hey you yeah you! You have been hearing about Brazilian waxes and have thought about how simple life would be if you just get a wax. Well, this is your sign to book your wax! I am about to answer all the questions that you have been dying to ask but not sure how.

First thing… have you seen your vagina? I know this sounds completely crazy but you will be surprise how many women never look down there. Now that I have your attention go get yourself a mirror and go look. Everyone is different and unique, you should never be ashamed of your lady parts. Love them it’s what makes you…YOU!


Okay now that you are loving yourself and full of confidence let’s talk, What is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is the removal of public hair from the vagina and the rear. THE REAR? Yes, the rear also known as the but strip. A Brazilian wax can be done with soft or hard wax. I prefer hard wax it is less painful and quicker. To prepare for your Brazilian wax follow these steps:

  1. Stop shaving: You must allow your hair to grow out. I recommend allowing 3-4 weeks hair growth. You need at least ¾ inches of hair growth. This will allow the wax to adhere to the hair and pull from the hair follicle.
  2. Do not trim: There is no need trim. As stated above the hair must be long enough for the wax to pull it up. Don’t be embarrass of that bush.
  3. Do not use numbing cream: When you come in for your wax we start with prepping the skin for waxing. This means that we will remove any oils and cream from the area.
  4. Breathe and relax: Stay as calm and relax as possible it will be over before you know it. Oh yeah…you will never go back to shaving again! You will be happy you did it!


Now that you have the steps to prepare you for your first Brazilian wax are you ready ? You still have more question huh, I know you do. Here are some frequency ask questions:


  • Will it hurt? Your first time is always a unique experience, because you never know what to expect. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but it’s definitely worth it. Just go for it sis.


  • How long will it last? Your Brazilian wax will last 4 weeks with proper at home care. And being consistent. To see the best results make sure you are getting waxed every 4 weeks.


  • Waxing vs Shaving: Are you tried of being and acrobat in the shower then get a wax simple. Okay, on a serious note waxing last longer than shaving, helps with hyperpigmentation, helps to decrease ingrown hairs and decrease hair growth.


  • Can I get waxed on my cycle or if I’m expecting ? The answer is yes you can,  just know that you are more sensitive when on your cycle or expecting. If you are on your cycle you are required to wear a  fresh tampon or a cup.


It’s your choice shave today and the hair will be back tomorrow or boss up and get a wax that last 4 weeks!


Antoinette Wells, Licensed Esthetician